We will be following all regulations as set forth by the Oregon Health Authority. We know that these guidelines will be constantly changing, but the health and safety of the campers and our staff will be our number one priority. Some restrictions may require us to limit the number of campers, so registering soon is a great idea. If camp is cancelled as a result of Covid-19 or we have to limit the number of attendees, we will provide a full refund.

Following opening ceremonies, the campers are separated by age into three groups. The groups are then divided between 18 baskets. As the campers shoot around in these groups, Coach Steele, the Camp Director, Coaches and Counselors observe and take notes on players’ strengths and abilities. Following this initial evaluation, we provide as much playing, running and “burning off of energy” as possible (helps them sleep at night). Once the campers are in their cabins for the evening, the coaches meet and begin the assignment of teams. This process continues the next morning, until we have a realistic evaluation of each camper. At which time, we divide campers into teams that will support equal play, self-improvement and fun. These teams make up two to three leagues, and provide fair competition within each league.

We serve food that is nutritious and that kids like to eat. Meals will include items such as pizza, chicken fingers, hot dogs, burgers, and spaghetti. Peanut butter and jelly is always available.

Yes. Please be sure to indicate any allergies or restrictions on the camper’s registration form. Our kitchen staff keeps a list of allergies posted in the kitchen throughout the week and we happily accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Yes. Our kitchen staff is made aware of the number of vegetarians we have at camp each week so they can be sure to offer vegetarian options.

We welcome campers of all gender expressions. If it is clear which camp you want to be a part of, please register and let us know. If you are not sure, we welcome further conversation with you. Our bathrooms have separate stalls for the toilets and showers, so campers can maintain the level of privacy with which they feel comfortable.

Yes, you can visit as often as you wish and whenever you wish. Parents are invited to observe or shoot around or have a meal with the coaches and campers. All we ask is that you check in with Camp staff when you arrive. As we come out of this pandemic, we all know things can change. If the Oregon Health Authority issues restrictions, we will follow their guidance.

A full breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the price of camp. We do have a camp store where your child can buy snacks and beverages during free time. All cash must be deposited in camper’s store account at registration. For snacks and beverages, $30-$40 has historically been sufficient.

: Larry Steele Basketball Camp, PO Box 296, Vernonia, OR 97064

We can help arrange transportation from the airport (we are approx. 1 hour and 20 minute drive). Please contact Sean Brokaw, International Basketball Director for support: Sean@LarrySteeleBasketball.com. Or contact Larry Steele directly: larry@LarrySteeleBasketball.com